Welcome on Board!

Finally here we are!

Finally, here we are!

After a year of hard work, we finally managed to complete this website. I’m here to thank

Ilaria Sabbadini and Fabio Ponta (Overpx) for the help and attention they had for me and my ideas. Michele Klavora (Graphiksrevolution) for the produced logos and flags (new in 2018!), and the amazing graphic collaboration.

I did want to have something for my own, something unique and personal, and that’s how this platform was born.It lets me put me in touch with the world in just a click and offer my proposals and ideas. Furthermore, customers can buy anything online with no additional costs.

I firmly believe that what’s important is the quality of the product┬árather than its quantity. This is the reason why I focus on quality and want to offer the most unique experiences. Moreover, I love to use sails! So, I will never offer a cruise with 300 people boarded or 50 layovers in a week only.

We are not 100% up and running, because I am still defining many things and many people, but we’re almost there. On the long run, we will be able to complete everything and be more than competitive.I aim for a gradual growth of the project, however, we have already begun to climb the summit and we will never give up!

I did want to integrate this blog within the website in order that you can share any past experiences, posts and pictures rather than tell, explain and discuss anything related to what we do or simply to the fantastic world of sailing!

As for the rest, this website is mine … and yours too! I hope you’ll like it as much I do! Welcome on board and enjoy .

See you soon, On one of my cruises!

Buttazzoni Dhavid