We are a young company, full of energy and desire to grow, as well as to get involved. Our company aims to offer quality cruises with a unique style and elegance, in which nothing is left to chance. It all stems from an idea of ​​Dhavid Buttazzoni, a great lover of boating and sailing boats. Dhavid brings in his baggage various experiences and his goal is to create something unique that represents and communicates his boundless passion, and that is different from the linear proposals already on the market.

This is how Buttazzoni Crociere was born, a company that offers all-inclusive sailing cruises all over the world. The main objective is to satisfy the customer. We are strongly convinced and motivated to offer unforgettable cruises in which the only thought of those who board aboard is fun. Our company is characterized by a 360 ° organization that is constantly tailored to the needs of the customer and has luxurious boats complete with skipper, hostess and chef in order to make the experience incomparable. Finally, quality and safety are the starting points from which every cruise proposed by us is designed.

Our mission is to succeed in conquering a part of the market, making our brand known and growing. We want to make it a quality brand and a point of reference for all those who are looking for a unique and unforgettable all-inclusive cruise and an experience to live in total carefree.

Why choose us?

  • Because what distinguishes us is the soul, the heart and the infinite passion that we put ourselves to do what we believe.
  • Because we are available, professional, reliable and honest.
  • Because we offer any kind of customization on the chosen holiday.
  • Because our team is subject to constant training, which aims to always offer a high quality service.
  • Because we have a proven track record, gained over several years.
  • Because we have a modern, functional and constantly updated website, where you can find all the new proposals and any type of information you need.
  • Because we take care of everything in the smallest details.
  • Because we treat customers as guests. And the guests are important to us.
  • Because through our holidays we are able to transmit unique emotions.

CEO & skipper


Hello! I’m Dhavid, a young skipper who loves the sea and sailing boats. My professional experiences led me to take care of boating. I was born as a regatta on small dinghies and catamarans, then with the nautical license comes the turning point and the evolution that leads me to sailing offshore. Initially I started to work with nautical garages together with the artisans where I acquired skills and competences able to solve any kind of problem that is present on board. As a result, I worked as a skipper / sailor on some sailboats that gave me the opportunity to learn a lot and add to my luggage as well as several thousand nautical miles, even the experience. I have a sailing license and a motor without limits from the coast, regular certificate RTF, radar course to be able to navigate even in the worst conditions and during the night in full safety, crew management course and emergencies at sea and registered to the seafarers. Currently I am completing the STCW95 courses and the license for pleasure boats and I deal with cruises and mini cruises on a sailing boat. The attention to detail and the quality of the service offered have always distinguished me and my projects. I am a person who always listens to different needs and always tries to satisfy the final customer. Also because a satisfied customer is a smile earned! What else to say? Ready to jump on board and set sail to dream destinations?