Interdependent people combine their individual efforts with those of others to achieve a greater success.

Stephen Covey


To build your business effectively, you must first train your team properly. Our proposal to cruise on a sailing boat is a unique experience that joins together your group members and aims to train them in a valid and motivated way. You will be the absolute protagonist of your training, joined by experts in the field. Every day you will have the chance to face, with your team, different topics that will be discussed from different perspectives. The sailboat encourages the removal of mental and social barriers, and allows you to create a motivated crew ready to solve any problems that arise. During the outdoor training you can also broaden your views and your horizons, get inspired by the extraordinary landscapes where you will be immersed in every day. Thus, you will be able to focus on yourself, leaving the busy, everyday life behind.


The cruise on a sailing boat is an extraordinary metaphor of the corporate life. In fact, participants must make effective decisions quickly, coordinate people, check the adverse events, conquer any fears and always face new challenges. This is why, in this experience, good skills of adaptation and self-control are demanded. During the course there will be planned routes and winning race strategies, different contingencies that will be addressed and interactions with the team based on certain roles imposed by navigation. Learning new abilities is considered significant and much faster this way than other types of more conventional training. The topics are the development of skills in leadership, communication, team building and teamwork.


The outdoor training consists of a type of revolutionary training. Its goal is to involve participants at their physical, cognitive and emotional level. This type of training is done outdoors, in a place where the participants are faced with a variety of situations that are different from those encountered daily. In line with this, a variety of activities that force you to think and act outside your normal mental and behavioural patterns will be presented. It is now known that, compared to the individual, a group has more potential. That’s why it is crucial to focus on it. What are the goals of outdoor training? Building trust and mutual respect is the first step. Later, it becomes important to develop involvement, perseverance and tenacity of the various members of the team through the achievement of common objectives. Thus, it is necessary to understand the importance that comes from the active collaboration of all the participants and that, step by step, becomes more and more a part of a unique spirit.

Team building provides a situation of quite close cohabitation with fellow travellers. This direct and prolonged contact requires participants to assume their responsibilities since the success of the navigation and the achievement of objectives depends only on the good behaviour of each individual. The basic concept is this: good behaviour of every single person is crucial on board. This way, individuals improve their attitude and their relationships with others in working life. Indeed, challenged by sea and wind and by different climatic conditions, they increase self-awareness of their own capacity, self-confidence, ability to catalyse the attention of others and to impart, as well as receive, orders and instructions. In addition, good communication is essential to maintain a peaceful relationship with other team members.


The cruise is open to all the organizations that provide teamwork, such as entrepreneurs, managers, executives, companies, associations, professionals and all those who wish to grow on a personal level with this fun and effective learning technique.


If you are interested in this type of activity, please do not hesitate to request information and estimates.


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